Product Page: WBR-2310 Hardware Version: A1   Firmware Version: 1.04
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Administrator Settings :

There are two accounts that can access the router's management interface. These accounts are’s management interface. These accounts are admin and user.

Admin has read/write access while user has read-only access.
can only view the settings but cannot make any changes.
Only the admin account has the ability to change both admin and user account passwords.

Administrator (The default Name is "admin") :

Login name :  
New Password :  
Confirm Password :  

User (The default Login name is "user") :

Login name :  
New Password :  
Confirm Password :  

Remote Management :

Enable Remote Managment :
IP Address :
Port :
Helpful Hints..

For security reasons, it is recommended that you change the Login Name and Password for the Administrator and User accounts. Be sure to write down the new Login Names and Passwords to avoid having to reset the router in the event that they are forgotten.

Remote Management:
When enabling Remote Management, you can specify the IP address of the computer on the Internet that you want to have access to your router, or you can enter an asterisk (*) to allow access to any computer on the Internet.

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