Product Page: WBR-2310 Hardware Version: A1   Firmware Version: 1.04
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Firewall Settings :

The Web Filter options allows you to set-up a list of allowed Web sites that can be used by multiple users. When Web Filter is enabled, all other Web sites not listed on this page will be blocked.


The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) option provides you with an option to set a single computer on your network outside of the router. If you have a computer that cannot run Internet applications successfully from behind the router, then you can place the computer into the DMZ for unrestricted Internet access.

Note: Putting a computer in the DMZ may expose that computer to a variety of security risks. Use of this option is only recommended as a last resort.
Enable DMZ Host :  
DMZ IP Address :    

VPN Passthrough :

Enable PPTP Passthrough :  
Enable L2TP Passthrough :  
Enable IPSec Passthrough :  
Helpful Hints..

Only enable the DMZ option as a last resort. If you are having trouble using an application from a computer behind the router, first try opening ports associated with the application in the Virtual Server or Port Forwarding sections.

VPN Passthrough:
Make sure VPN passthrough is enabled if you are trying to use a VPN client from behind the router.

VPN Passthrough will only function if the VPN client being used runs on the standards ports associated with the VPN connection type. If you are having problems getting your VPN client connected from behind the router and these VPN passthrough options are enabled, please contact your network administrator to find out if any nonstandard ports or options are being used.

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