Firmware Version: 2.21
Hardware Version: B2
Product Page: DIR-615
Setup Advanced Tools Status Support


Use this option to view the router logs. You can define what types of events you want to view and the event levels to view. This router also has internal syslog server support so you can send the log files to a computer on your network that is running a syslog utility.

Log Options

What to View :
View Levels :

Log Details

11 Log Entries: 
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:03:20 2004Allowed configuration authentication by IP address
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:01:43 2004Starting DHCP server
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:01:34 2004LAN interface is up
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:01:34 2004LAN Ethernet Carrier Detected
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:01:34 2004Device initialized
[WARN]Wed Feb 04 05:01:34 2004gw_wireless_schedule init
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:01:34 2004Wireless Link is up
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:01:33 2004Unlock AP setup
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:01:33 2004Stored configuration to non-volatile memory
[INFO]Wed Feb 04 05:01:33 2004No Internet access policy is in effect. Unrestricted Internet access allowed to everyone
[INFO]Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969Loaded configuration from non-volatile memory
Helpful Hints...

Check the log frequently to detect unauthorized network usage.

You can also have the log mailed to you periodically. Refer to Tools → EMail.