1. Q:
    2. How do I turn on and off privacy mode on my LH series mydlink camera?
    1. A:
    2. NOTE: Privacy mode allows you to temporarily disable live video and audio, this includes all recording. 

      For example, if you have a camera in your living room and you do not want to be viewed or recorded watching TV, you can turn privacy mode on. This will prevent the camera from streaming and recording audio/video. This will also turn disable any motion and sound detection rules until privacy mode is turned off.

      Step 1: Launch the mydlink app 

      Step 2: Tap the menu icon on the top left and Tap Device Settings

      Step 3: Tap on your camera 

      Step 4: Tap Privacy mode to turn it on (This will disable all audio/video viewing)

      Step 5: Tap OK 

      Step 6: Tap again to disable Privacy Mode

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