1. Q:
    2. How do I set up and install my camera using the mydlink lite app?
    1. A:
    2. Step 1: Download and install the mydlink lite app on your Android OS/Apple iOS device.

      NOTE: This example shows the setup of DCS-960L using Android OS. Apple/iOS setup should be the same/similar. 

      NOTE: The steps will be the same for any mydlink enabled camera without Ethernet port. 

      Step 2: Power on your DCS-960L and wait until the power LED starts to flash orange/amber

      Step 3: Launch the mydlink lite app and Tap on the Local Tab

      Step 4: Tap Add a New Camera

      Step 5: Tap No to skip the QR Code Scan

      Step 6: Select the DCS-960L from the list of cameras

      Step 7: Tap Next

      Step 8: Tap No to skip the WPS option

      Step 9: Tap Ready (The power LED should be flashing orange)

      Step 10: Enter the WIFI settings for your DCS-960L and Tap Next. This information can be found on the bottom of the camera or on the WIFI configuration card that came in the box.

      Note: You must enter this information EXACTLY as shown on your device or card. Both the wifi name and password are CASE SENSITIVE

      Your phone should now be connected to the DCS-960L's wireless signal

      Step 11: Select the Wifi network you want to connect the DCS-960L to (IE your home wifi network)

      Step 12: Enter the Wifi password for your home network and Tap Done

      Step 13: Tap Next

      Step 14: Create a password for your DCS-960L. This password is used for configuring advanced settings in the camera through its web interface.

      Tap Next

      Step 15: The Camera should now be connect to your wifi network. Tap OK

      Step 16: You will then be asked to add your camera to a mydlink account. Create a new account (if you are new to mydlink)


      Add the camera to an existing account

      Setup is now complete

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