1. Q:
    2. How do I configure the time on my router?
    1. A:
    2. Step 1: Log into your router- How do I log into my router?

      Please select your Configuration Interface:

      Original GUI (Black and Orange)

      - New GUI (White and Blue)


      Original Gui 

      Orange and Black

      Step 2:  Click on the Tools Tab at the top and Time on the left side

      - Select your Time Zone

      - Enable Daylight Savings (If applicable)

      - Specify an NTP (Network Time Protcol) Server or Click "Copy your Computer's Time Settings

      Click Save Settings once time settings have been set. The updated time will be present after saving.


      New Gui 

      Blue and White

      Step 2: Click on the Maintenance > Time & Schedule

      Step 3: Specify your time Zone and if you want to enable Daylight Savings.

      By default, the D-Link NTP server is enabled. To Manually specify the time, change the automatic time configuration to Disabled

      Step 4: Adjust time as needed and click Save Settings

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