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    2. DIR-850L Security Advisory
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    2. D-Link Systems, Inc. --- On September 8th, 2017, a news article reported zero-day flaws with D-Link DIR-850L routers. D-Link immediately took actions to investigate the issues and endeavors to solve them. 

      Firmware is NOW Available and can be downloaded for your particular hardware version (A or B) here- http://support.dlink.ca/ProductInfo.aspx?m=DIR-850L

      Product security and customer privacy are important concerns to D-Link. D-Link has a task force and product management team “on call” to provide immediate attention to address evolving security issues and implement appropriate security measures. We strive to continuously improve the security of our products.

      Please take the following actions in the listed order to help protect your privacy:


      1. Reset the router to its default factory setting - Click here for how to

      2. Disable the WAN remote admin feature (Remote Management- This is disabled by default)

      3. Do not remotely access the router through unauthorized public Wi-Fi.

      4. Change your wireless SSID password and wifi password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the LAN (your network). Click here for how to

      5. Change the device’s administrator password (router log in password). Be sure to use a strong new password. Click here for how to

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