1. Q:
    2. How do I set up SD card recording on my LH series mydlink camera?
    1. A:
    2. NOTE: You cannot record to both the cloud and SD card at the same time. Only one can be selected. 

      This FAQ applies only to mydlink cameras that support SD card recording.

      Step 1: Tap the menu icon the tap Device Settings

      Step 2: Tap the camera you want to enable SD recording on and then tap on Storage 

      Step 3: Tap SD card 

      Step 4: Tap status 

      Step 5: Tap Format SD Card 

      Note: Formatting the SD Card will erase all data on the SD Card

      Step 6: Tap Proceed 

      Step 7: Tap the back button

      Tap the back button again

      Step 8: Tap the menu icon on the top left then tap Automation

      Step 9: Tap Start

      Step 10: Tap on the camera that you want to create the automation for 

      Tap on Person detection or Motion detection 

      NOTE: In this example we have selected person detection. Not all camera support person detection 

      Step 11: Tap Next 

      Step 12: Tap on Notifications then tap on push notification 

      Step 13: Tap on your camera and tap on Video Recording 

      Step 14: Tap Next 

      Step 15: Review your Automation rule then tap Next 

      Step 16: Tap Activate Now 

      Step 17: Tap OK  

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