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    2. How do I disable UPnP on my router?
    1. A:
    2. Important Note: If you were contacted by your ISP and advised to disable UPnP; After performing the steps below, The issue has been fixed 

      No other settings are required. 

      To test if your router is affected please click this link: GRC UPnP Exposure Test

      - Click Proceed 

      - Click the GRC's Instant UPnP Exposure Test button

      Video Version- How do I disable UPnP on my router?

      Step 1: Log into your router- How do I log into my router?

      Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the router into the address bar- The default IP is or click here

      You should be taken to a D-Link login page. By default, the username is admin and there is no password.

      Note: If you have lost your login password, you will need to reset the router to factory default settings. 

      Click here for reset instructionsHow do I reset my router?

      Please select your Configuration Interface:

      Original GUI (Black and Orange)

      - New GUI (White and Blue)


      Original Gui 

      Orange and Black

      Step 2: Click on the Advanced Tab at the top and Advanced Network on the left side

      Step 3: Uncheck UPnP and click Save Settings

      User-added image


      New Gui 

      White and Blue

      Step 2: Click Settings > Network

      Step 3: Click Advanced Settings

      Step 4: Under Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page, click to disable UPnP and click Save at the top

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