1. Q:
    2. Why won't my camera's email work with my gmail account?
    1. A:
    2. Google has recently implemented a "less secure apps" security mechanism that blocks most 3rd party programs/services from accessing your email account. This will also block your camera from accessing your account and sending emails. (ie. Motion detection, alerts, etc..)

      In order to allow your camera to access your email account, you must allow "Less secure apps" in your gmail account settings.

      Step 1: Log into your gmail account

      Note: You may receive an email from gmail, letting you know the connection was blocked

      Step 2: Click Settings

      Step 3: Click the Accounts and Import Tab > Other Google Account Settings

      Step 4: Click Security  

      - Scroll to the bottom of the page Under Less secure app access, click on Turn on access

      Step 5: Set Allow less secure apps to ON

      Your camera will now be allowed to access your email account

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