Firmware Version: 1.21
Hardware Version: A4
Product Page: DIR-655
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Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is used to easily add devices to a network using a PIN or button press. Devices must support Wi-Fi Protected Setup in order to be configured by this method.

If the PIN changes, the new PIN will be used in following Wi-Fi Protected Setup process. Clicking on "Don't Save Settings" button will not reset the PIN.

However, if the new PIN is not saved, it will get lost when the device reboots or loses power.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

PIN Settings


Add Wireless Station

Helpful Hints...

Enable if other wireless devices you wish to include in the local network support Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

Only "Admin" account can change security settings.

Lock Wireless Security Settings after all wireless network devices have been configured.

Click Add Wireless Device Wizard to use Wi-Fi Protected Setup to add wireless devices to the wireless network.